The handling of the »multispray« spray gun has been improved with a new container.

  • The filling volume now holds 1 instead of 0.7 liters.
  • Thanks to the flexible suction hose with metal cone, residual amounts of liquid are reliably extracted in any application position.
  • With the conical shape and lower center of gravity, the unit has a better stand.
  • The seal ensures drip-free operation, even in extreme working positions.

How to use the new container with old equipment

The 0.7 l plastic container for the »multispray« spray gun, consisting of 251-11 and 251-12, has been replaced by item number 357.200. To use the new plastic container with the cleaning guns available on the market, perform the following steps:

  • Unscrew the old container and loosen the nut on the lid, remove the lid
  • Screw on the new lid directly with the nut
  • Insert the gasket
  • Shorten the pipe with a pipe cutter, or bend it further by 20° until the pipe no longer rests against the bottom of the new container